A Minnesota family has been hard at working trying to find their lost dog and they've even purchased a billboard to try and find their family member. The billboard is up north as you're driving out of the Grand Marais area.

The Carlson's and their 10-year-old yellow lab Rowdi were on a trip up north in Tofte, MN this past February. Cory, the dad, told the Star Tribune that he let Rowdi outside of the condo they were staying in to go to the bathroom. He was trying to keep an eye on Rowdi but lost sight of him because of the frosty windows. When we went out to find Rowdi, he was gone.

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That's a pet owner's worst nightmare, losing a pet. And the Carlsons sadly haven't gotten a happy ending to their story yet, they're still looking for Rowdi now 8 months later.

They have gone to extremes to try and find Rowdi. The Star Tribune writes that the family has put up posters all over northeastern Minnesota, "searched with an airplane, employed a drone, paid for a direct mail campaign and have a Facebook page." Through their Facebook page, they've actually gotten about $13,000 in donations to help with the search. And now, on top of all of that, there's a huge billboard up north that just says "Missing Dog - Rowdi" with the owner's phone number and a big picture of Rowdi.

I really hope there's a happy ending to this story and Rowdi finds his way home one way or another. The family is going to continue the search as long as it takes because as Cory said, "'the possibility of him being found is enough for me.'''

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