Winter temperatures have hit the midwest and we are already seeing snow on the ground.  If you own a dog and live in states like Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin and your dog goes out on a leash to use the bathroom, finding the leash in that frozen precipitation can be bone-chilling.  If you have a leash for your dog, try this little trick to avoid frozen fingers.

wanderluster ThinkStock
wanderluster ThinkStock

Winter Tip for Dog Owners in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

We have two dogs at our house.  Our Yellow Lab, Indy, hates being outside and peeing in the snow.  Our Saint Bernard, Loki, would love to run and chase snowballs all day long.  Winter is his happy place.

We don't have a fence or an underground fence at our house - and our dogs are not trustworthy to stay by us thanks to the deer that live in our woods - so the dogs are on a leash when they go out to play and use the bathroom.

They are really good at tapping on the door when they need to go out but finding the leash in the freezing cold and snow-covered ground is not fun for my fingers.

Check out the video below (or on my page at this link if you can't see it below) and see how we have fixed this problem at our house.

More Tips for Dog Owners That Live Where The Snow Falls

If you've got another tip that works, I'd love to hear those!  Send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or DM me on Instagram.

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