I can't imagine having one of your pets go missing. Thankfully I've never personally experienced it before (and I hope I never have to!) but plenty of people have had a pet go missing, including this Minnesota family who was up visiting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area about a month ago.

The family was in the BWCA area with their dog Luigi. Unfortunately, Luigi went missing during the trip and couldn't be found. How scary! It's scary enough to have a pet go missing but now we're talking about a pet going missing in the wilderness of the BWCA. Who knows what kinds of animals they may encounter.

This map shows the approximate area where he went missing.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The story of Luigi was spread and amazingly enough Luigi was found 29 days later! After about a week or two I'd start to lose hope, and the family may have started to feel that way. But because of their efforts to spread the word, Luigi was found about 30+ miles away from where he went missing.

The Facebook page Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness had shared information about Luigi when he went missing. Amanda, Luigi's mom, updated the post in the comments yesterday giving everyone the good news. She said that he "has lost a lot of weight and has some minor injuries, but he's back!"

I'm so glad they were all able to be reunited and that Luigi appears to be mostly ok. I'm sure he's just glad to be back home!

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