I swear I get most of my exercise just going back to my car to get my mask. Here I am just walking around like it's 2019, all of a sudden I see someone wearing a mask and I must trek back to my car and get mine.  Happens several times a week.


An entrepreneur in Minneapolis had the same problem but came up with a brilliant solution, a mask sewn right into a hoodie sweatshirt.

K.B. Brown loves to wear sportswear. About 6 years ago Brown had an epiphany  “I figured why should I be wearing Nike and Adidas and Rebooks when I can do my own” and that was the beginning of his apparel company, Alpha Wear Apparel.

That was 2014 and 6 years later the pandemic forced Brown to think outside the box. Great minds are always looking to make things easier. That's how the hoodie sweatshirt with a built in mask was born.

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“I always forget my mask with this I don’t have to do that I just pull it up,” said Brown.

“Everybody’s loving it. They are asking for more colors, they are asking for more variety, we have some people who are runners and doing outdoor activities and it’s nice because once they get into a crowd they can just pull it up,” said Katie Brown, K.B.’s wife.

“The mask is sewn into the base of the hood so in the winter time especially in Minnesota when it is real cold you get all that air down the front of your hoodie you got to put a jacket on, with this you don’t get that,” Brown said. He hopes to see more people wearing his gear and keeping COVID and cold Minnesota nights at bay.

Check out Alpha Wear Apparel's website at https://www.alphawearmn.com/


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