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It was the first dessert I thought of when I saw that Snickers was Minnesotan's favorite Halloween candy in the latest survey Zippia.

While I think a Snickers bar is a very popular snack across the country, apparently only Minnesotans eat them more often than any other candy. While I have never equated Snickers to Halloween, I do think it is safe to say that most Minnesotans love Snickers year-round.

Minnesota was the lone state to pick the Snicker bar as their favorite candy bar, while Starburst was the most popular Halloween candy, with six different states claiming that to be their favorite Halloween candy.

Other notes from the survey include:

  • 25 states prefer chocolates candies while 25 prefer gummies, fruit-flavored candies, and other non-chocolate candies.
  • Iowa may be home to the most candy lovers- In addition to Starbursts, they like Jolly Ranchers, MMs, and Twix the best.
  • Missouri is for nerds and Alaska is for smarties. Or the candies anyways.


Map From Zippia
Map From Zippia

You can check out the full map from Zippia here. 

Zippia used google trends from across the country to find out what states loved what candy.

"Using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of each candy. We examined 50 different popular (and some infamously unpopular) candies, given us a range of candies that puts any grocery store shelf to shame."

A couple of the strangest "favorite candies" include Connecticut loving "Peanut Butter Kissies" and New Hampshire loving "Circus Peanuts". I can't think of any reason to call those "favorites" but I guess not all surveys are correct....well at least I hope so.

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