I'm a huge movie buff and have been one my whole life. I think it all stems back to my childhood, growing up and wanting to do acting myself. There's something so cool about getting lost in a movie.

Here in Minnesota, we've been the star of the show several times. You could say, we've had our fair share of brushes with fame. There's one location, though, that stands out among the rest. Explore Minnesota has said this is 'Minnesota's most-filmed location' ever.

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It's a little place called Mickey's Diner and it's in St. Paul. You may have eaten there without ever even knowing, too. According to Wikipedia, Mickey's Diner has been in the same spot since 1939. It's definitely got some history.

The reason why it's so filmable is because it looks very unique. It looks like a train car. It's also on the National Register of Historic Places. It's safe to say, Minnesotans love this diner and we're not the only ones.

It's had camo appearances in at least three major movie productions that I'm aware of including; The Mighty Ducks (and sequels), Jingle All The Way and A Prairie Home Companion.

In addition to film, according to the Wikipedia page, it's been featured in several popular magazines including; Smithsonian, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and was even in Gourmet Magazine as one of America's Top Ten Diners.

We could go on and on about the music videos, news articles and other brushes with fame this diner has had over the years, but the list would be a very long one.

Next time you're in the Twin Cities area, you might want to pop on by Mickey's Diner and take in all the history. It's located at 36 7th St West in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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