A Minnesota couple from Eden Prairie, Amy Ellefson and Ron Hildeen, were on a Diamond Princess Cruise Ship near Japan where it was discovered that people on board had the coronavirus, causing this couple and many others to be quarantined.

After it was discovered people were infected everyone on the ship had to endure "a two-week coronavirus quarantine in their cabin" according to WCCO. Japanese officials say 454 people on the cruise ship have the coronavirus.

Once those two weeks were over they then had to get on a 10-hour flight from Japan to the US. They had to all get on a bus that shuttled them straight to a converted cargo plane to get all of the Americans from the ship back to the US.

Amy and Ron are finally back in the US as of Monday but now are being quarantined for a second time for another 2 weeks at the Travis Air Force Base in California. Amy told WCCO that “'they put a chain link fence around the whole compound.'"

They're hoping they get out on time and are already making plans for when they get back in Minnesota. Ron told WCCO, “'We’re gonna go there, drink a bunch of beer, and eat a bunch of juicy lucy’s to celebrate our arrival.'"

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