We had a super wet summer this year. The Star Tribune says that it was one of the wettest Minnesota summers on record. But because of all the rain we got this summer, we should see some amazing fall colors this year!

Val Cervenka, forest health program consultant at the Minnesota DNR told the Star Tribune that "all the rain helped trees stay healthy and green. ... Now fall can work its magic as fewer daylight hours, along with sunny days and cooler nights, transform summer’s lush, green landscape into a mosaic of fall colors."

I'm hoping the weather cooperates so we can have a fall with some amazing color! I guess if it doesn't cool down enough at night and it's not sunny enough during the day the leaves don't become as vibrant as they could be.

Fun fact! The Star Tribune writes that according to Alyssa Hayes, spokeswoman for Explore Minnesota, fall is a huge time for tourism in Minnesota "racking up a quarter of the $15.3 billion in annual tourism revenue."

The DNR tracks the progress of fall colors. You can check that out HERE!


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