TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota has been there for 10 years. Saturday afternoon was the first time I have been to TCF Bank Stadium. Last week Paul Shea gave me a pair of tickets and said "I know you are not combining beans yet so why don't you and Louise go to the Gopher Football game Saturday afternoon? I am a Gopher fan but that normally means listening to the game in a tractor or combine cab.

Our seats turned out to be right in front of a large group of Georgia Southern fans that were very vocal when they made a big play. So, when the Gophers made a big play Louise and I would stand up and cheer! The mascot of Georgia Southern is an Eagle and there was a trainer there with an Eagle. The Gophers were fortunate to win the game!

Georgia Southern got three quick and easy touchdowns. There was an interception early in the game that gave them a short field. In the forth quarter they blocked a Minnesota Field Goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown. With three minutes and 47 seconds left in the game they returned a fumble for a touchdown. The score was Georgia Southern 32 Minnesota 28.

With three minutes and 30 seconds to go in the game it was third and 30 from the Minnesota 6 yard line. The Georgia fans behind us were pretty excited. The Gophers picked up the first down, moved down the field with no time outs and scored the winning touchdown with 3 seconds left on the clock. The Georgia Southern Fans behind us were not very excited anymore! Never give up!

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