Since August 1st, when the new state law concerning being hands-free while driving came to be the law of the land, the Minnesota State Patrol, just the State Patrol, has stopped over 2,000 drivers over not being hands-free on state roads. 

In a Tweet sent out by the Minnesota State Patrol earlier this week, they reminded drivers that not being hands-free is a reason to be pulled over as it IS illegal.

  That number is probably low in the grand scheme of drivers still being active on their cell phones, or doing something else distracting while driving. It's still a lot of people being stopped after all the campaigns that were run letting drivers know about the new law. The actual number of drivers stopped is higher, as these are just State Trooper totals. Speaking of driving if you are headed to the Gophers game Saturday afternoon, better check for road closures heading downtown.  


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