Make sure you always wear your bike helmet when riding your bike, it saved this little boy's life! Four-year-old Cohen was hit by a mail truck on Saturday afternoon and because of his helmet, he suffered no serious injuries.

Chris, Cohen's dad, told KARE 11 that he was out in the driveway with his son, walked down the driveway to greet the mail carrier and get the mail.

"'I got the mail and I turned around, and then I turned back around in time to see the front of the vehicle pop up a little bit. I heard, kind of a popping sound, which I assume was the helmet.'" Chris said when Cohen emerged from the back of the truck there was only a little piece of his helmet left on his head.

Cohen only had a few minor bruises on his head and scrapes on his body. His parents are amazed that any of this happened and that Cohen is ok.

Baxter Police Chief, Jim Exsted, told KARE 11 that the mail carrier driving the truck is not facing any charges but could face an unrelated citation. A spokesperson for USPS said they're investigating the situation.


Source: KARE 11


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