McDonald's has launched two new versions of its signature sandwich. The fast-food chain introduced the Double Big Mac and the Little Mac. According to CNN, the Little Mac has a single cheeseburger topped with Special Sauce and costs $2.29, and the Double Big Mac costs $5.49 and has four burger patties!  Look for those at participating locations. Don't forget to order a Shamrock Shake the next time you visit McDonald's.  We've teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House for their March fundraiser to help support and comfort families in need -- and give you a chance to win a $500 McDonald's Arch Card at the same time!

Did you know there are actually several different versions of the Big Mac around the world? Thrillist has an article that highlights some of them including:

  • The McKinley Mac: Two quarter-pound beef patties instead of the traditional 1.6oz ones (Alaska)
  • Maharaja Mac: Subs in a chicken patty instead of the beef (India)
  • Kosher Big Mac: Served without cheese (Israel)
  • Grand Mac: Everything in the Big Mac, but with bigger 2.7oz patties and a super-sized bun (select locations in Texas and Ohio)
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