In what has to be the weirdest thing to come from the current Coronavirus madness, people are buying stores of out Toilet Paper and it begs the question, why?


CBS 8 in San Diego reported the story last night citing it's all psychological. World wide, we are seeing a shortage in TP in stores and it's causing people do go to crazy in order to get their hands on a package.

No toilet paper at Costco and my first impression is 'what does this have to do with the virus?' [These are] not the Clorox wipes, which makes intuitive sense,


San Diego based Psychologist, Doctor Michael Lardon, is just as confused as I am about the TP shortage. Lardon does believe that one way people are trying to cope with the unsettling outcome of the virus is to buy supplies to prep, which can help some people to calm themselves. "We cannot control the virus," said Lardon. "We can control how we prepare for it and people need to feel in control."

It's almost like the stock market, Everybody panics, so everybody sells. It's very neurotic behavior, but provides people with a sense of soothing - and really false -security.


Most places are staring to limit how much Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer. Again, I personally don't understand why people are doing this but what ever makes them happy I suppose.

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