Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to provide a safe place for your pet, feed, and water them, on top of making sure they get enough exercise. Everything we give to our fur babies, they give back in other ways.

Living here in the Med City, we get access to some of the best medical research in the country, and according to Fox 47, the Mayo Clinic found that if you are a dog owner you have better "cardiovascular health," aka heart health than those who don't own a dog. This study first looked at both pet owners and non-pet owners, before breaking it down to just dog owners. Of that group, the folks that owned any sort of pet had better health than those who didn't. Experts then broke that group down into dog owners and non-dog owners. The article states that the dog owners were more active, had better diets and had better blood sugar than those who didn't own dogs.

This same study then took a look at the mental health side of owning a dog. The findings were that dog owners were in better mental states than non-owners. I know nothing from my day matters as soon as I walk through the door and see that wagging tail. It also states in this article that dog owners are less likely to deal with social isolation because having a dog makes you get out and see the world.

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