"Aces" became a title track for Suzy Bogguss when she released her 1991 album, and the song went on to become a single in 1992. However, Bogguss says she initially wasn't sure the song would become such an important hit for her, because it had such a complicated message.

Read on as Bogguss explains the story behind the song "Aces," and why it became such an important and memorable part of its eponymous album. 

I really wasn’t sure that would ever be a single, because it was kind of a deep song, and it’s real easy to read it different ways. That ended up being one of the reasons it caught on like it did: Everybody kind of applied it to their own situation.

Early on, I used to try to explain what it meant to me, and I’d get done with this long dissertation of what I thought it was, and then they’d go, "Nah, that ain’t it." So it became, "Okay, don’t try to explain it, just sing it."

But I think that the fact that I was really confident and comfortable with every song on that record -- I was excited about it, and it was different. I fired everybody around me during that time. I fired my manager, because they didn’t get it. I fired my booking agent, because they didn’t get it. I basically started out, when that album came out, without a team around me.

The first single was "Someday Soon," and that song was going up the chart before I even started taking meetings with [potential] manager[s]. I felt like I knew that this was who I was, and who I needed to be. [Those songs] are all aces to me.

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