Back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, there was a family of doctors who lived in Cannon Falls called the Conleys. Not only were they doctors, but they also built and owned many homes in Cannon Falls. The Conley family had kind of a tragic past and many people believe that the Conleys haunt Cannon Falls to this day.

Dr. A.T. Conley and Dr. H.E. Conley were brothers and hours and buggy doctors in Cannon Falls, according to The Cannon Falls Beacon. Dr. A.T. was married to a woman named Luella Delight Boylan. They have five children together and, unfortunately, three of them died before the age of seven. Hattie died when she was six, Gael at three, and Glenn even earlier than that.

Another important piece of the Conley history: Dr. H.E. (Dr. A.T.'s brother I mentioned) married a woman named Sarah Dibble and they had two daughters, Mira and Emma. Sadly, both of their daughters died within two days of each other, Mira at age six and Emma at 19-months, from during the diphtheria epidemic.

Now to the stories of the hauntings that people have been reporting in Cannon Falls! There's a woman, who remained anonymous while speaking with The Beacon, who said she's seen Dr. A.T. in the neighbor's house. When she has been over to the neighbors she has "seen" and "felt" the presence of a woman who is "'almost angry, very crabby. Not like she would do any harm, but she is definitely not happy.'" Probably Luella. This same woman has said when her baby is crying at night she will hear through the monitor what sounds like a woman saying "shhh" and then the baby goes right back to sleep! She wonders if it's Luella quieting her child.

There's another woman who spoke with The Beacon, Denise Anderson, who used to live in one of the Conley houses. She said one room, in particular, was the most active. Denise said, "'Things would literally come off the wall and be placed somewhere else. They didn't fall off - the nails and hooks were always in place and nothing was ever damaged.'" Whenever they heard something in that room, they knew something had been moved. There's also a door in the basement and Denise said sometimes "the padlock on the door would suddenly start to swing by itself.'"

Have you ever experienced anything spooky in Cannon Falls? If any of this stuff happened to me, I don't care if it seems harmless, I'd still be super scared!

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