It's been really confusing on where we should worry about going out to during the coronavirus pandemic. We obviously started off with not going anywhere. As we've learned more about transmission of the virus, we can better asses where the worst places are that it spreads. There's been studies out showing that UV light is tough on the virus, and spending time outdoors can help reduce the spread. But then at the same time we have health officials telling us to be careful going out to the beach. So what is it? How do we asses the risk?

Today I saw a friend share on Facebook a risk assessment chart from UCare. They are a people powered health plan based in Minneapolis. You may have seen their commercials on TV. Their goal is to get people healthy by de-complicating health plans by working with providers and getting the information to people who need it. Anyway, here's how they rate the risks of going out during the pandemic, and I have to say it's pretty handy.

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The chart ranges from 1-9, with 1 being the lowest. So take out from restaurants and playing tennis are considered low risk. From there you can see that the more of the close contact activities and places, especially indoors are higher on the chart. At the top are  bars and big stadium events. From everything I've read, this seems to match up perfectly with what health experts have been saying. So give this a look before you go out so you know what your risks are.

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