Ken Ostlie Extension Entomologist and Bruce Potter IPM Specialist are asking for farmers help and participation in their MN Rootworm Survey Project. Some populations of western corn rootworm have developed resistance to Bt. In addition recently Bt resistance has been documented in some northern corn rootworm populations. Ken and Bruce are trying to find out how many rootworm beetles are present in Minnesota corn fields.

Ken, Bruce and the University of Minnesota are coordinating a network for corn rootworm yellow sticky trap data for this year. Farmers will receive the sticky traps, sampling protocol, data forms and the software. The project is partially funded by the Minnesota Corn growers. "Field specific information will be gathered for statistical purposes but will not be made public.

If you are interested in participating send an email to Bruce Potter: or call 507-276-1184. You can also contact Ken Ostlie: or call 612-750-0993. Please include your name, how many fields you would be willing to share information with and your cell phone number.


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