Governor Mark Dayton on Wednesday named his LT. Governor Tina Smith to replace Al Franken in the U.S. Senate. Franken resigned a week ago after several allegations of harassment and in appropriate behavior.

Dayton said that he took the responsibility to name a replacement seriously and careful consideration. He felt that the person to best represent the State of Minnesota was Tina Smith.  He felt that she 'stands first and foremost" among the people he has worked with in his long political career. Saying that she was intelligent and quick to learn yet open to listening to other points of view.

He went on to say she knows Minnesota and deserves credit for many of the achievements his administration has reached.

Smith went on to say that she accepts the appointment and it will be a great honor for her to serve in the Senate and move Minnesota Forward. She felt that her knowledge of what Minnesota wants gives her some great insight to being a good Senator.

Smith is ready to work hard now and will run for the seat in November 2018. She says it will be up to Minnesotans to elect the right person for the job at that time.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Announces Replacement For Sen. Al Franken
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