A house fire is a nightmare no family should ever have to experience.  Today, a Midwest man is alive and he credits his pets with saving him from a life threatening blaze.

Dogs are truly man's best friend.  I've got 2 amazing dogs, Belle (a pug) and Daisy (a duck toller).  So often dogs bring us companionship, warmth, and unconditional love...and protection.  One man in Michigan has his pooches to thank after an awful fire raged through his home on Monday night.  In this case, he can credit his dogs with keeping him alive.

South Haven Emergency Services in Michigan received a call around 9:30 pm on Monday night about a house fire.  They say that areas beside the home were completely ablaze, including the garage and breezeway, and it was progressing to the home.  Luckily, first responders were able to battle the blaze and the man who owned the home and his dogs were able to avoid injury or worse.  The man credits his dogs and their barking for alerting him to the fire.  Without them, who knows what would have happened?  The cause of the blaze is now under investigation.  PS - A special thank you goes out to all the men and women fighting fires and keeping people safe.  We salute you.


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