This is the sweet story of the Shop-With-A-Cop event from last weekend. How an Olmsted County Sheriff's Captain made a dream come true for a girl he was helping Christmas shop. 

Every year Shop-With-A-Cop pairs kids with law-enforcement for an afternoon of gift shopping. This year, thru generous donations, each kid had a $110 gift card to use for mom, dad, sisters, brothers, etc.

The kids are so careful with their budgets, and, almost all the time, their thoughts are about their family first. They carefully add up what their buying, over and over, double and triple checking. And being smart shoppers, trying to find the best deals.

They are allowed to shop for themselves at the end, but it's not uncommon for them to run short before they get to their gift.

That happened this past weekend when Captain Mike Bromberg and Sergeant Chris Wallace were part of the shopping trip (scroll down for a pic of the group). Mike tells the story of his shopper, and the hard decisions she had to make.

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