It was originally built as a gymnasium by Stillwater Lumber baron William Sauntry in 1901. Once you take a peek inside it's somewhat of a wonder that this Moorish palace inspired building was anything but a palatial mansion. The home once housed a "ballroom, reception hall, bowling alley, and swimming pool", and the interior was richly carved and decorated with carved woodwork, double doors of leaded glass, and Arabic inscriptions. With that description, it's no wonder that the price tag on the home being sold by Realtor and Broker Richard McDonough of RM Realty is listed at $1.5 million!

According to Minnesota's Own; Preserving Our Grand Homes "In 1920 the recreation hall was converted into a three-unit apartment by its new owner, who had the pool and bowling alley removed and the ceilings lowered. In 1999 new owners began restoring the hall while making it functional as a single-family home. Over the course of a decade, they restored the ballroom and foyer to their original decor, complemented with appropriately exotic furniture."

625 5th N Street

The home is located at 625 5th N Street in Stillwater, Minnesota. The original home that accompanied this former gymnasium is also up for sale, you can see that listing by Richard McDonough here.

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