Caring for a sick family member can be stressful. I am working from home with a sick kid as I write this, and while it's a minor illness, it certainly does throw everything off. Some people don't have the luxury of working remotely though, and that creates even more stress with the potential for lost income.

Imagine being quarantined in your house or on a cruise ship for 2+ weeks? That's an entirely different level of stress and is causing a spike in divorces in China.  The Global Times, a Chinese news agency, is blaming the increase in splits on the Coronavirus.  "As a result of the epidemic, many couples have been bound with each other at home for over a month, which evoked the underlying conflicts."

Meanwhile, dozens of Minnesotans will be quarantined after returning from a cruise. At this point, it's unclear where the affected Minnesotans will be sent and how long they will be quarantined.

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