The City of Faribault recently shared the news that folks from all around the world, or Minnesota, can click and watch the muralist paint in downtown Faribault via a live webcam facing the latest downtown canvas.

The muralist painting is Jordyn Brennan, and you can read more about the mural here. If you wanted to check out the mural in person, you can head down between Third and Second streets on First Ave NW, and you'll see the floral mural with ties to Faribault's past and present.

Faribault of course is home to plenty of murals throughout the downtown area, there are murals on the sides of buildings, and even on the back of the bandshell in Central Park.

There are even some 'ghost' advertising panels on some buildings downtown that isn't specifically tied to murals but make for an interesting and fun time spotting those as you stroll along Central or in the downtown area.

On top of the murals, the downtown Faribault area is home to a historic and informational bench walking tour that even features KDHL and its history on a bench near the station located on Central Ave.

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