The Kenyon Police Department is asking for the public's help in solving a case in which individuals stole two Cub Cadet snowblower from a local business early Thursday morning. Police shared a screenshot of the white Ford pick-up and a green distinctive hat that fell out of the bed of the truck as it was loading the stolen goods. Take a close look at these pictures and if you are able to ID the truck of hat, let the Kenyon PD know.

The post states that two individuals got out of the truck,  "cut the security lines and loaded the items in this vehicle, which appears to be a white or light colored Ford full size pickup. This vehicle has a “headache rack” (metal rack that covers the back window) with some lights mounted to it, dark rims, and maybe some scuffs or damage to the tailgate, as it dropped hard as they entered the parking lot."

The green hat according to Kenyon Police "was in the bed of the truck and fell out when they entered the parking lot. "

The video was not able to capture a license plate on the truck. Kenyon Police are asking individuals to also watch Facebook buy and Sell pages for new snowblower being sold cheap.

Kenyon Police indicated online that this is an active investigation and we are currently gathering information and reviewing videos at this time.

If you have any information relevant to this case, please call Dispatch at 651-385-3155 and ask for the officer on duty.


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