Cruising through social media, wading through the political hot takes and what seems like now endless ads for things I may have clicked on back in December when I was shopping for holiday gifts, I stumbled across this cool post about the murals inside Jerry's Supper Club in Owatonna. How cool are these?

The Steele County Historical Society posted the photo's on their Facebook page, and it's garnered a lot of attention. When we asked you a month ago what restaurant you missed the most Jerry's Supper Club was one of the top selections.

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From the post from the Steele County Historical Society, the murals had been inside Jerry's since it opened, and the new owner is doing some remodeling and let the SCHS inside to take some pics.

I only hope the new owner will keep the murals up, as they depict a time in Owatonna's past that few today know about. Some of those businesses still exist today, but in different places, others have disappeared altogether. Others like the bank, may have changed names of who runs the inside of it, but it still is a bank and it's still in that gorgeous building downtown.

Whatever happened to artist murals? It's a lost art now, but a well-done one certainly added a touch of class to an establishment.

Does anyone know who painted the murals? I tried looking around online and couldn't find anything that immediately popped out.


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