Community Coop C-Store two

Last week on KDHL's Birthday Club Kelly Watts mentioned that the Community Coop Oil Association was going to be closed Monday and Tuesday this week. The store was going to be remodeled or get a "face lift." I planned on stopping in yesterday to see how it looked but was in a hurry to get out to the farm and haul corn. Kelly said this morning on the Birthday Club I should stop by and see how it turned out.

You can see from the pictures the big red payment counter has been replaced along with the side and back counters. I did not notice at first that the coffee and snack counter also has been replaced. Plus, new signs on the back and side walls! I think you will agree it sure looks nice! These were not major changes, but sometimes a "fresh" look makes a big difference and can make a store look much different!

Community Coop C-Store three

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