A new DWI law went into effect as of August 1st here in Minnesota was pretty widely publicized, but another law concerning what you can do with your pet animals also took effect on Wednesday.


According to this BringMeTheNews story, it's now illegal for you to pass your pet animal off as a fake service animal here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The bill that was signed into law earlier this spring garnered a little bit of attention when it was first proposed, seeing as service animals had been making headlines nationally.

But the bill did pass, and the new law took effect August 1st in Minnesota. The story says law in Minnesota was a response to "instances across the country where untrained pets have attacked genuine service animals."

And, this TwinCities.com story said supporters of the bill wanted it to become law because they say "untrained animals are causing problems in places they’re not allowed and are distracting trained animals used by people with disabilities," the story noted.

So, if you have your not-really-a-service animal, and you're trying to pass it off as a REAL service animal-- mainly to get the 'perks' a real service animal gets, like being able to fly next to you, and that kind of thing-- just what is the penalty?

Well, it's not huge. In fact, it's only petty misdemeanor and carries a $100 fine-- which is about the same fine you'd pay if you're caught speeding in some places. But, it IS now the law. And now you know!

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