Don't be fooled! The IRS won't call you, County Jails don't take iTunes gift cards, and generally speaking, your bank won't call you either unless they've sent you a few letters first. A Morristown woman wasn't fooled when, according to a media release from the Rice County Sheriff's Office, she received a phone call stating that her grandson had been arrested and needed bail money. 

Sheriff Troy Dunn wants the public to know that "this is just one of the many scams these people are using." Other popular phone scams say that you owe money from an old credit card, from work done on your residence in the past, or any other ideas. These are fraudulent.

The Rice County Sheriff's Office wants to remind the public to not give credit card or bank information over the phone. Don’t rush down to send cashier’s check or a money order without confirming the story.

Be sure to contact your relative or the business that states that you owe them money. A simple google search or looking in the local phone book should give you the proper number to dial.

Most companies will work with you if you do owe money to set up a payment plan. It's important for you to know that the phone number being used will most likely not go back to the legitimate business.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and don’t let them strong arm you on the phone to give them your hard earned money. Be careful and cautious.

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