I took this picture this afternoon of one of my bean fields that received sever hail damage late in June. With the heavy rain that came with the storm and more rain a couple days later it was too late to even consider replanting. The crop insurance adjuster deferred the final evaluation until just before harvest. So, my task is try and control the weeds and wait and see what the insurance settlement will be.

The shorter bean plants in the picture were completely cut off. All that was left was 3 inch stems sticking out of the ground. I was under the impression that with the growing point at the top of the bean plant was cut off the bean plant would die. The crop adjuster said many of the cut off bean plants would "shoot" a new trifoliate out of the stem. However, it will "not amount to much, it is really like a weed." I did notice that the cut off beans did have a flower on them that may develop into a pod?

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