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It will be a pretty warm day in our neck of the woods Friday! A high in the 80s is predicted across Southeastern Minnesota. That seems pretty warm for October, but is it warm enough to break a record?

In Faribault, the National Weather Service predicts a high of 83. For Rochester, the same is predicted. And in Owatonna, they are predicting a high of 82.

Sadly, even though this seems like pretty high temps for October, this will not be a recording-breaking day for us. On Wikipedia, they write that the warmest it has ever been in October in Minnesota was 98 degrees on October 5th, 1963 in Beardsley, MN.

Ok, so Southeastern Minnesota will not be breaking that record Friday, but what about Beardsley? Beardsley is located in West Central Minnesota. Like, way west, it's in the little bump that juts into South Dakota.

I looked up the forecast for Beardsley for Friday and their high is predicted to be ... 85 degrees. Unfortunately, still not record-breaking, but they will be slightly warmer than us.

Just for fun, and because I know you secretly, deep down, want to know, the lowest temperate that Minnesota has seen on record in October was October 26th, 1936 in Roseau, MN. That day the temperature was a whopping -16 degrees. Brr!

I am excited about the burst of warm weather. Warm weather is definitely my favorite so I will be soaking up as much of it as I can!

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