Yesterday was an exciting time for my family, my family had another baby born. I come from a rather large family, yet every single birth is celebrated. There is just nothing like a new baby, brings out the feels for all of us.

What makes this birth so special; out of all of the grandchildren born to my parents in the past 13 years, not a single one has been a girl. Until late yesterday evening, they only had 4 granddaughters, the youngest one being 13. The 13 year old is my daughter, and she is thrilled to have to give up her title as youngest granddaughter, we have all been anxiously awaiting another baby girl. I see someone getting very spoiled in the very near future.

I love babies, and my newest niece is no exception, even though she's not quite a day old yet. I am looking forward to getting to hold her and love on her on Thanksgiving. I'm done having my own babies, so, when there is a new baby I get to have my baby fix.

This is not a picture of my niece, out of respect for my brother and his wife, I am not posting one at this time.

Kennedy Taylor Covington
Donna Cook

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