On Tuesday, November 9, the Itasca County Sheriff's Office reached out to the public for help in locating a woman who had recently gone missing.

Northland authorities often have success locating and identifying people when pictures and details are shared across social media networks, so hopefully that proves to be true in this case.

The missing woman is named Angel, and here are the details surrounding her disappearance, which were shared on the Itasca County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

Itasca County Sheriff's Office is looking for your help in locating Angel Ilona Berzins (a/k/a Angel Ilona Hines) 48 year old female 5’4” Tall, 130lbs, Blonde Hair
Angel has been reported as possibly missing. Family concerned for her safety and welfare. Angel was last reported to have exited a vehicle in the Hinckley, MN area after an argument with her husband. Was living in the Minneapolis, MN area and has not been heard from by family in over a month. Any information as to her location or any contact with Angel, please contact that Itasca County Sheriff’s Office at 218-326-3477 for Investigator Mark Greiner.

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This is the second woman within the past two months who has been reported missing and who was last scene in the Hinckley, Minnesota area. That is also the general area where Ashley Carlson was last seen on September 24. Ashley has yet to be located and a search event was held Sunday, November 7.

Please follow the advice of the Itasca County Sheriff's office and get Ange's picture and story shared across social media. Again, if any has information on her whereabouts, please call 218-326-3477.

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