There's a Subway Sub shop on almost every few  blocks it seems around St. Cloud.  It's so easy to just grab a sub sandwich for lunch on the go, and with the pandemic, it's like relatively healthy fast food in a drive through.  My go-to is usually the roasted chicken one, but my husband absolutely LOVES the tuna sub.   BUT, is it actually tuna in that thing?

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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There is a lawsuit against Subway claiming that the "tuna" isn't actually tuna, but a concoction of various mixtures that do not constitute tuna.  Like that there isn't even ANY tuna in it.  And if it isn't tuna, then what is it?  The lawsuit doesn't say, exactly.  I feel like if you are going to sue a sandwich shop for not being what they claim to be, you should probably say what the finding was, and not be so vague.  This is a big claim for something that you don't really back up with any real evidence.

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I have smelled the sub, and it smells like tuna to me.  And for someone who doesn't really care for fish in any form, I can tell you, I am sensitive to that type of smell.  Not that it smells bad, it just smells like tuna is supposed to.  At least to me it does.

A representative of Subway said the claims are without merit. Not only is its tuna the real deal, the company says, but it’s wild-caught, too.

Subway has sub shops all over the United States, and the same ingredients are shipped to each shop. They do say that there is an additive to preserve the flavor.

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