A Detroit Lakes woman is feeling the heat after choosing to fly a flag that reads "F**K Biden and F**k You for Voting for Him."

WDAY out of Fargo recently did a f**king great story on a Detroit Lakes woman and her choice of flags. The woman -- known only as Kimberly -- has been flying a political flag that reads "F**k Biden and F**k You for Voting for Him." Her flag displays both F-words in full. As you can imagine, some in the community are f**king livid.

"I've been receiving emails harrassing me, saying that I'm teaching our children words, that I'm traumatizing people by having freedom of speech, basically," she told WDAY. She's since taken down her f**king flag, but not because she's been told to; she's concerned about her own kids.

"Because I have children who I want to make sure are safe, and if there's people driving by and feel the need to reach out and complain about my flags, I feel like my children aren't safe."

Detroit Lakes woman flies "F*ck Biden" flag from r/minnesota

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When asked, Kimberly did admit she could have gotten her point across without a f**king eff word, but she chose not to, cause, you know, "there's nothing saying I can't use a curse word." F**k, yeah! Under the US constitution, Kimberly's freedom of speech is covered, even if people don't like how she chooses to express herself.

The comment section on Reddit -- where the video was shared -- has generated a lot of f**ked up comments, though here are a couple of the more reasonable ones:

"Kimberly does have freedom of speech, but not from consequences," commented one person on Reddit. "People have just as much right to criticize her flag as she does in flying it. Free speech is a two-way road."

"I fully support her right to free speech, but she is not a victim for getting criticized for profanity," remarked another Reddit user. "And criticism for using profanity does not equal threats. Nobody threatened her family. She is making herself a victim in her own mind."

What do you think -- f**ked up or f**king cool?

*The addition of F-words was intentional and for humor purposes only

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