ST. CLOUD -- The skyline over Miller Marine is a little more patriotic. The business held a flag raising ceremony Friday to honor America.

The 30x60 foot American flag was hoisted up on a 160 foot tall flag pole, which is now the tallest in Minnesota.

Owner Tom Miller says their business has always flown a flag, usually on a light pole, but this time wanted to a true flag pole.

We just wanted to do something a little different this time with what's going on with the country. A few of the guys came up with the idea and it' really make you feel good inside.

Tim Coil owns Coil's Flag and Flagpoles. He says moments like this are truly rewarding for him.

I couldn't have a better business. To have the turnout we did today tells you how important the flag is to people and the support we have in our community.

Coil says the steel pole is much stronger then the aluminum poles he typically uses to better withstand the elements. As for the flag itself, he say it does need to be replaced more often due to it's size and the more powerful whip factor stronger wind can cause.

St. Cloud has seen a run of tall flag poles lately. Miller says to him it's not about having the tallest flag pole in St. Cloud or the state, it's about what the flag represents to our country.

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Miller Marine Flag Raising

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