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I guess the 2-4" of snow we could see this weekend, and the 3-5" we saw last weekend around the area were just mother nature throwing in spring training. The forecast for this upcoming week on Wednesday and Thursday seems to have the potential to drop a bunch of snow on Minnesota, they've even named this one, Orlena, as in "do you prefer Ole or Lena" Orlena. Here is what we know so far about the potential for the winter 'event'.

Right now in California, an atmospheric river, as the Weather Channel calls it, is pummelling parts of the Golden State. This 'river' has brought an untold amount of precipitation and moisture to the area causing mudslides and the potential to drop 10 FEET of snow in the mountains. 10 FEET! That's Calcutta clipper Buffalo, NY lake effect snow amounts!

This atmospheric river is going to be moving across the US and bringing with it the potential to drop a bunch of snow if it follows a path that brings it across the #BoldNorth.

The forecast right now is calling for Wednesday day to offer up about an inch of snow, Wednesday night is to be the start of the Orlena's wrath. 1-3" are predicted to fall, followed by Thursday seeing 3-5" and another 1-3" overnight on Thursday before things wrap up Friday morning with less than an inch falling.

When you add the early predictions we could see the potential for almost 12" of new snow over a 48-hour window.

As we know, things and forecasts change, so nothing about this forecast is absolute. Just be aware that you might want to make sure you've got gas for the snowblower, or Advil on hand if you are a shoveler.

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