Everyone in Minnesota knows the two seasons of driving. Winter and construction season. In fact, it seems like those two seasons even overlap at times.

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Yet, is Minnesota one of the worst states to drive in? Wallet Hub dug into the numbers to find out which states are the best to drive in.

Most midwest states performed pretty well in this metric with Iowa ranked as the #4 best state to drive in, Indiana #2, South Dakota #9, Ohio #10, and Wisconsin #11. Does Minnesota compare?

Not really. Minnesota ranked #32.

Source: WalletHub

It is not just road construction and traffic that were issues, people also wanted to know that drivers are driving safe and well-maintained vehicles.

"Congestion isn’t the only concern on the road, though. People want to know that they will be driving on safe, well-maintained roads before heading out. The U.S. has a fairly good track record in these regards, but certainly doesn’t top the list. For example, the World Economics Forum only places the U.S. at rank 17 of 141 when it comes to road quality."

Wallet Hub's study dove into 31 key metrics including average gas prices, road quality, and rush-hour traffic.

Minnesota ranked 27th in cost of ownership and maintenance, 30th in traffic infrastructure, 26th in safety, and 18th in access to vehicles and maintenance, according to Wallet Hubs's study.

Texas was ranked as the best state to drive in, while Hawaii was dead last at 50.

I didn't expect to see Minnesota ranked at #32, I actually thought it would be higher on the list, but then I always think of construction season and there was no way Minnesota was going to be ranked highly here. Then you add in some of the winter driving conditions during the winter of Minnesota and the ranking keeps falling.

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