There is a sign in my garage that simply states, "Believe in Miracles."

There was a miracle on Highway 60 Tuesday afternoon when a semi hit a turning pickup and both vehicles went into the ditch.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn responded and says it's amazing that nobody was hurt.

At 2:29 yesterday afternoon, 78-year-old Harry Hoffman of Owatonna was driving his pickup with his wife west on Minnesota Highway 60.

He signaled to take a left onto Farwell Avenue in Warsaw Township when the vehicle was hit by an eastbound semi tanker driven by Thomas Benitz of Wisconsin. Both vehicles ended in the ditch. The pickup was totaled.

Members of Morristown Fire and Rescue, North Ambulance and State Patrol joined the Rice County Sheriff's Office at the scene.

Dunn says he doesn't know why Hoffman turned in front of the semi. The intersection has special signage telling drivers when there is approaching traffic in the intersection.

But the miracle on Highway 60 is a reminder to all of us to be aware and alert of our surroundings when driving.

The Hoffmans certainly had guardian angels watching over them Tuesday on a stretch of Highway 60 just west of Faribault.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn
Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn

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