One of the most powerful storms to ever hit the Carolinas is forecast to make landfall later today. And Hurricane Florence is already affecting our weather here in Minnesota too.


Being that I'm an amateur weather geek, I've always been fascinated by hurricanes. Hurricane Florence has especially piqued my interest, though, because it's forecast to come ashore right near the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

My wife and I spent a week on the Outer Banks in Corolla, North Carolina for our niece's wedding, nearly four years ago to the day. We stayed in a big house, right there on the beach. It was amazing waking up to the ocean, right there outside your door. I was totally impressed by the natural beauty of that area. So, of course, I'm hoping everyone is safe down there and that the area doesn't sustain too much damage from Florence's fury.

Meanwhile, though, Florence is affecting our weather in Minnesota too. But in a positive way. All this sunshine we've been experiencing? Yeah, it's forecast to stick around through the weekend, and we have Florence to blame-- I mean, thank?

It does sound weird to thank a hurricane that's set do so much damage elsewhere, but Florence is totally affecting our weather-- by making it... nice here in our neck of the woods. Florence's powerful low-pressure system has blocked the high-pressure system that's giving us all this dry, sunny weather from moving eastward.

ABC-6 meteorologist Jim Peterson explained, saying, "The powerful storm will slow down the eastward progression of high pressure closer to home, keeping us in the sunshine. In fact, our next rain chance won't arrive until the first part of next week."

So, keep those in Florence's path in your thoughts, but enjoy our lovely summer-like weather here in Minnesota while it lasts!

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