The Rice County Attorney's Office has filed charges against a 23 year old Faribault woman in the stabbing death Friday of 53 year old Michael Bongers of Faribault.  Judana Williams was charged with second degree intentional murder and a second degree dangerous weapon charge.  Faribault Police Chief Andy Bohlen said in a news release issued last Friday, Rice/Steele 911 dispatch received an emergency call and dispatched Faribault Police and Fire and North Ambulance to an "unknown medical at 1155 Willow Street, lot 33."

The news release said, "Upon arrival at 9:15 a.m. police determined an adult male resident, later identified as Michael Bongers received a stab wound to his chest.  An adult female present at the scene indicated they got into an argument and admitted to stabbing the male."  The news release goes on to say they transported Bongers to Allina District One Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Court documents filed in the case indicate Bongers also suffered a stab wound to his arm and he was cut on his back.  Court records say Williams was sentenced August 28 for a violation of Domestic Abuse No Contact Order against Bongers.

The Criminal Complaint states, "Williams was screaming when the first officer arrived.  The officer saw blood on the floor and Williams directed the officer to Bongers who was lying on his back on the floor, just inside the front door of the trailer.  Bongers was breathing but not responsive to the officer.  Williams was applying pressure to Bongers chest and the officer saw a large kitchen knife with a wooden handle and a long blade near Bongers, the blade had blood on it.  Williams said there was a weapon on the floor but she didn't have anything to do with it.  Williams said that "He ran up on me."  The officer noticed an irritation in her throat and nostrils consistent with the use of pepper spray."

The Criminal Complaint goes on to state, "Based on the blood trail, it appeared Bongers was stabbed in the bedroom on the north end of the trailer and made it out to the bathroom, and then the kitchen floor where he was when officer arrived. "

One of the officers was asked to get a change of clothing for Williams so her clothes could be processed by the crime lab.  "She went to Williams unlocked car and found a small can of black pepper spray on top of the clothes."

Williams was interviewed and told officers she and Bongers, "had been a couple for about three years.  Bongers had gotten off work around 6:00 or 7:00 that morning and Bongers had brought some drugs.  She stated Bongers went to his bedroom and was using drugs and asked if she wanted some and the two used cocaine.  Bongers asked Williams to go to Owatonna and get more drugs, she refused and said Bongers got mad.  The two argued and he grabbed her and threw her in the closet.  Williams said Bongers hit her and she grabbed her pepper spray and tried to spray him with it.  Williams said Bongers ran toward her and she stabbed him with the knife.  She said she tried to provide first aid and called 911."

In the Faribault Police Department news release it stated, "The couple has a history of domestic violence incidents and were known to police.  In today's (9/7) incident it appears drug use may also be a factor."

Judge John Cajacob set Williams' bail was set at $250,000 without conditions and $100,000 with conditions.

Judana Williams, Rice County Jail Picture. Photo by Rice County Jail
Judana Williams, Rice County Jail Picture. Photo by Rice County Jail


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