A pair of too low bridges in Owatonna is the subject of an engineering study. The public is invited to an information night to address the Canadian Pacific Railroad bridges on Mineral Springs Road (pictured) and School Street. The open house is Monday, April 4 from 4 to 6 pm at the Steele County Community Center on the fairgrounds.

A news release from the Steele County Highway Department states the project is necessary "To address substandard and low vertical clearances" at those crossings. "A recent crash that impacted Mineral Springs Road railroad bridge underscores the need for this planned project. High profile vehicle drivers are reminded to know their vehicle height and watch for the yellow low-clearance warning signs posted well in advance of the bridges."

The release indicates, "Both locations have challenging engineering situations and funding requirements. The study will explore and compare possible solutions and identify potential funding sources to get the two roadways over, under or around the existing low clearance underpass within current clearance standards."

The county and city bridge inspection protocol dictate "any bridge that is impacted in a crash is promptly inspected."

"As the project will likely have significant impacts to area properties and traffic patterns, a public information meeting [is scheduled for Monday, April 4] to receive public input into the project. A construction timeline has not been determined yet and will be dependent on funding."

Find out about other future projects in Steele County on the Highway Department page of the county's website.


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