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If you're going to be tipping a few back during the holidays this year, how many beers can a Minnesotan drink before you start to feel it?

The holiday season and having a lovely, festive adult beverage practically go hand-in-hand, don't they? I mean, where's the fun in getting together with family and friends if you don't have the proper libations to help you celebrate, right?

But how MANY of those beverages can you have before you start feeling a little tipsy here in Minnesota? That was the question the number-crunchers at Upgraded Points set to find out earlier this year.

They surveyed over 2,000 Americans and asked them how many 12-ounce  bottles of typical domestic beer (your average Miller or Coors Lite, with an ABV of 4.5%) it would take to feel tipsy.  And by 'tipsy,' the Upgraded Points crew means when you start to feel a slight buzz but aren't too drunk yet.

Their survey found that nationally, Americans can drink just under 3-and-a-half beers  (specifically, 3.49 beers) before they start to feel a little tipsy. Here in Minnesota, however, we're a little under that amount, with the Land of 10,000 Lakes average coming in at 3.24 beers.

Down in Iowa, they're apparently even bigger lightweights than we are here in Minnesota, taking an average of only 3 beers to start to feel tipsy.

Just the opposite was the case in my home state of Wisconsin. (Shocking, right?!?) Over in America's Dairyland, those drunks hardy souls can drink 4.33 beers before they start to feel tipsy. And they usually do that before 10 am, mind you. (Kidding! Just kidding!)

Of course, these amounts are just a very rough average. Your weight, what you ate earlier that day, and the alcohol content and size of the beer you're drinking all contribute a great deal to how soon you might feel tipsy. And, of course, you never want to get behind the wheel even if you feel a LITTLE tipsy, right?

Keep scrolling to check out the results-- and which beers are the best from each state, too!

Graphic courtesy Upgraded Points
Graphic courtesy Upgraded Points

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