If you're still eating leftover turkey sandwiches, then you're playing with fire my friends.

Reason I bring this up is because I totally forgot to pack a lunch with me today and I ran home over the noon hour to find something to eat in the fridge... only all I could find was leftover Thanksgiving containers.

But was it still good? It passed the smell test but do I dare eat anything after 4 1/2-5 days? I decided to Google it and here's what I all found out according to Still Tasty.

Here are six Thanksgiving foods, and how long you can keep them in the fridge before they might make you sick:

  • Turkey: 3 to 4 days. If it's cut up and stored in a shallow container, it might last a little longer, but it's risky. After that, you run the risk of getting sick from built-up of bacteria. So either eat it now, freeze it or toss it.
  • Homemade gravy: Only a day or two. So no matter if you had it Thursday or Sunday it's definitely time to throw it out.
  • Stuffing: 3 to 4 days.
  • Mashed potatoes: 3 to 5 days. The same goes for my personal favorite green bean casserole.
  • Pumpkin pie: 3 to 4 days. Apple pie lasts a little longer. You can leave it out for 2 days, then put it in the fridge for another two days.
  • Cranberry sauce: It's the one Thanksgiving food that DOES keep for a while. The sugar acts as a preservative, so you can leave it in the fridge up to two weeks and still eat it.

So there you go. Trust me, I was just as bummed as you are about tossing a lot of it out. But this saved me a lot of time sitting down and thinking about my (almost) bad decisions... if you know what I mean!

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