We are just barely out of Thanksgiving season, and it's time to roar full speed ahead into the December holidays. If the thought of that has you cringing and wanting to hibernate until January (we know there are a bunch of Grinches out there!), there's nothing like a wonderful, heartwarming music video to make your heart grow three sizes right away.

This season, a perfect contender for that job would be Chris Janson's new video for "It Is Christmas." This is Janson's first-ever Christmas song, and the reflective tune has a traditional vibe to it that sets the stage for a perfect holiday visual. Janson is shown at his white piano, singing about the ordinary charms of Christmas day—all the things we take for granted, but contain magic just for their comforting familiarity; such as eating pecan pie, chatting with the in-laws, watching A Christmas Story and trying to keep the dog from drinking water from the Christmas tree base.

As he details his perfect day, the video shows charming shots of his real family, including his kids and their little friends, surrounding him and helping him deliver the song.

Janson tells CMT that he's been urged to do a Christmas song in the past, but he resisted because he doesn't like recording music he hasn't written. Then, one day, “I had a random idea to write a Christmas song in like July, and that’s what we did. I wrote this song probably three years ago with my co-writers and we just never thought it would see the light of day."

Janson attracted considerable attention earlier this year with another affecting video (albeit in a totally different tone): The darkly poignant "Drunk Girl," which was for the second single from his Everybody album that came out in September 2017.

Chris Janson tells the Story of How "Drunk Girl" was Written


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