Many people have already received their 2nd stimulus check of $600, still other are waiting for it to show up in the mail or deposited into their bank account. One company, doxo, recently looked into just how far that $600 would go towards someone's bills in the Faribault area, the answer, not really far.

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On average, according to doxoInsights, Faribault area residents pay $974 in bills a month, this number doesn't include rent or a mortgage payment. So the $600 stimulus check won't cover a month worth of bills for many people. But if you broke down those bills individually that $600 might cover some specific portions of it for the next couple of months. Doxo broke down those numbers, again on average, and how many months the $600 stimulus check would cover an individual for.

Utilities$254/month~2 month/s


Auto Loan$332/month~2 month/s
Auto Insurance$221/month~3 month/s


Cable & Internet$152/month~4 month/s
Mobile Phone$89/month~7 month/s


Health Insurance$171/month~4 month/s
Life Insurance$79/month~8 month/s


Alarm & Security$88/month~7 month/s
Dental Insurance$37/month~16 month/s

While the current stimulus check of $600 doesn't cover everything in our area's average of bills, it does help out with some things. According to the doxoInsights data the Faribault area ranks, #256 in the nation in average monthly bill amount, and #10 on Minnesota's highest average monthly bill list. The highest amount is found in Duluth with an average of $1,130 a month. Minneapolis/St Paul actually has a lower average than many areas with $930/month. Owatonna's average is slightly less than the Faribault area at $959/month.

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