A scary situation unfolded near Midtown on Thursday afternoon when three Houston police officers were shot and eyewitness video captured the harrowing scene.

According to FOX 26, the incident actually took place in two separate scenes in the area.

Police were able to capture the suspect after an hours-long standoff.

Ben Simon was able to capture eyewitness video of the shootout where you can see police officers firing back as shots ring out in the Midtown neighborhood.

I was just wrapping up a Zoom call and seeing a car flying around the corner, and just crash.

Simon says before he could even call 911, police were right behind the car and what came next "sounded like fireworks."

Simon says that in the 13 years he's lived in the neighborhood, it's the most unusual thing that has happened by far.

This is the most action that I've seen in 13 years

According to Fox 26, the suspect ultimately surrendered Thursday night after initially fleeing the scene in a white Mercedez-Benz.

Houston police says that all three officers are currently in stable condition.

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