I'll start by saying this, put your headphones on if you are going to watch this at work as there is a BOMB that gets dropped. The video has language that wouldn't be suitable for most professional work environments, or small children.

With how cold it was just a few days ago, a lot of people were thinking warm thoughts, and probably secretly hoping to put Minnesota in their rear-view mirror for someplace above freezing. One Minnesota lad shared his thoughts for just how cold it got here in the #BoldNorth.


@sborch03 I can’t even be mad. He’s not wrong. Temperature: fucking cold. #mnwx #minnesota #minnesotawinter ♬ original sound - Sara Hewitt

TikTok user sborch03 uploaded the video of her son dropping the BOMB when describing just how cold it was outside that day, temps were in the range of 20 below with a feels like of 35 below. I can't fault this young man, as if didn't say what he did you were sure thinking it.

The good news is that this little fella won't have much to complain about as January comes to an end as we will see temps slightly above average to close out the month, but by the middle of next week, we are expected to get Arctic air once again rushing through our area pushing temps into the single digits for highs during the day and well below zero for our mornings and evenings.

Image Credit: The Weather Channel
Image Credit: The Weather Channel

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