My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program was Doug Ohman, historian, story teller and photographer. I met Doug in the one room schoolhouse at the Goodhue County Fair. Doug was there to talk with adults and kids about the history of one room schools. I was going to do a quick interview before I headed up to the Dakota County Fair. When finished I realized I had talked with Doug for more than 30 minutes. So, I thought why not put that interview on today's AM Minnesota Program.

While it is routinely pointed out that I am the oldest person at KDHL I did not go to a one room school. However, I am sure some of out listeners did. I am certain this will bring back some memories of that time in our history. There were a couple facts Doug mentioned that really surprised me. The first, there is still a one room school operating in Northern Minnesota. The second, the majority of teachers were young women and they could not be married. If they got engaged it was in their contract they would lose their teaching job!

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