It's tough getting your butt out of bed every morning, especially in Minnesota during the Winter or the lame Spring we are having. There are things that if you actually avoid doing may make your mornings easier to cope with.  No need to make mornings any harder to deal with then they have to be.

  • We are probably all guilty of this. Hitting your snooze alarm has proven to be absolutely of no help as far as getting more sleep. Personally, I am guilty of this. I call it bonus sleep. Experts say you are better off just setting your alarm for a more reasonable time. Okay, but I don't think my boss would approve of setting my alarm for noon.
  • Avoid your phone first thing in the morning.  Checking emails , etc. can put added stress on you first thing in the morning. All that can wait until you are a bit more coherent.
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  • Avoid sugar in the morning like sugar in your coffee (why would you ruin coffee by polluting it with anything (whiskey excluded). Sugary cereals are also not recommended.
  • Not washing your face in the morning. It's pretty gross to think about but your pillow is covered with dead skin and oil. Wash that stuff off!
  • And finally, avoid making important decisions. It's always best to wait until your mind is somewhat clear. My wife is really good about not asking me anything that requires any thought to respond to until I've had my coffee and am pretty much awake. Otherwise she's bound to get a blank stare.

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